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Our Infrastructure:

Fast | Secure | Scalable | Decentralized


A stable Stake Pool is all about performance - the ability to quickly process every transaction in every block. CDNC has tested the Cardano Node software on a variety of different cloud hardware, and come up with our best possible solution. Our Linux systems experience, combined with hardware spaced across Canada allows us to deliver the performance required as the network grows.


As a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, Cardano provides unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications and currency. We take every possible precaution to improve the security of our servers, so users can delegate ADA without any worries. Our job is to keep those servers running, and we take it very seriously.

We've implemented security best practices to ensure that our stake pool is protected as possible. Our CDNC network consists of redundant "Relay nodes" which are the only machines able to connect to our Core Block Producer Node.

All of this is additionally protected by an additional layer of security through a Bastion server. We also have redundant nodes standing by to replace any of our machines, should they experience problems. These can be activated in seconds to replace any existing machine. Finally, staked ADA are safe in your wallet. No server hack could ever compromise them. Your stake is assigned to our pool by your wallet, but your coins are in your possession, at all times, and you are free to spend or transfer them at any time you choose.

CDNC architecture diagram

Our infrastructure is based on proven architecture and best practices to ensure high availability and reliability. Our sysadmins are seasoned AWS operators and Linux administrators.


The CDNC Pool is not a single server, but a collection of Cloud-hosted virtual machines. What this means is that we are able to upgrade and supplement our capacity as the network grows. In addition, we have several Bare-metal relays standing by, ready to participate in the network, should this be necessary in the event of a problem with the cloud.


The strength of a computing network is measured by its level of distribution. Distributed servers cannot be attacked in one location, and multiple owners of nodes helps ensure that no actor could ever force the network to perform incorrectly. We are strong believers in the need to keep our Cardano network as distributed as possible to protect it, and to protect our digital assets. We are currently running a cloud installation with distributed relays and producer, helping to protect your, and our investment.

Our systems are monitored 24/7

CDNC architecture diagram

Above is a screen cap of one of our original server setups showing the progress and vital statistics of the network node, including the mainnet core block producer and two of the relays that protect and feed it information from the network. This information is captured from the servers on a separate machine running "Prometheus" and "Grafana", which collect the data and format it for easy display. This monitoring machine then relays information out of the secure subnet to administrators.

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